Tora Moon, Fantasy Author

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A fight gone wrong.
A tragic mistake.
One man’s journey to find redemption…

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The Malvers War Series

The newest book in The Malvers War Series is now out! The Scourge Incursion carries on the story of Rizelya, Blazel, and the Posairs in their effort to free their world of monsters.

This epic story of good versus evil, the Posairs have been fighting fearsome monsters for generations and Histrun and Zehala think they’ve finally found a method that will stop the monsters in their nests. But first, Histrun has to deal with an evil tyrant, and in the process, makes a terrible mistake. One he’s unsure if he’ll ever find redemption and forgive himself. (Redemption)

Eighteen years after her parents developed the Zehis Method, Rizelya and the other fighters are finally gaining the upper-hand over the Malvers monsters, when a new monster appears, threatening their delicate balance of survival. Rizelya unearths a terrifying secret: a deadly, ancient enemy is controlling the monsters! (Ancient Enemies)

As the story continues to unfold, Blazel, a lone wolf raised outside the norms of society, returns to his home in the mountains and meets Rizelya. The Gray Oracle has a prophecy that sends them on a quest to find their ancient allies, the mythical Phengriffs. The prophecy forewarns the coming madness can only be stopped by a renewal of this alliance. (Ancient Allies)

The madness strikes in The Scourge Incursion, and the Posairs’ planet is invaded by cruel aliens seeking the nucla power found in the Barrens’ rocks. Can their magic be enough to stop the overwhelming numbers and technology of the invaders? (The Scourge Incursion)

The story concludes in the exciting climax of the battle between the Posairs and the Malvers in Exile's Vengeance due out early 2018.

This action-packed, epic magical fantasy series is filled with innovative magical systems, unique monsters, handsome shapeshifters, and kick-butt leading women. If you love exciting battle scenes, masterful story arcs, and diverse, well-developed characters, then you’ll love Tora Moon’s The Malvers War series. Available now at your favorite retailer!



Tora Moon writes all genres of fantasy and especially loves to write stories which allow the reader to journey into worlds full of magic and escape their ordinary lives for a time. Ancient cultures and religions, mythology, and folklore fascinate her and find their way into her stories.

Besides reading, some of her hobbies are sewing, crocheting, and making wire-wrapped jewelry. Her love of travel has taken her to several countries and saw her living in an RV for several years. She makes her home in the southwestern desert with her feline companion.



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Get a free book! Redemption is the story about Rizelya's parents, Histrun and Zehala and their fight against tyranny.

A fight gone wrong. A tragic mistake. One man’s journey to find redemption…

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