Ancient Enemies

Ancient Enemies: The Malvers War Book 1

Ancient Enemies: The Malvers War Book 1

A never-ending war. A deadly new threat. One woman’s courage is the world’s only hope…

Like all her people, Rizelya must fight to survive. As one of the many Posair women gifted with fire magic, she follows in the footsteps of her ancestors by using her power to fight the monsters that regularly attack her clan. But when a new monster appears—one that’s much more difficult to defeat—the clan’s survival hangs in the balance. Against her wishes, Rizelya is sent on a mission to assess the frightening new threat.

As the battles grow more frequent, Rizelya begins having mysteries dreams—dreams that could reveal the truth behind the thousand-year war. When her mission presents more questions than answers, the warrior must make a treacherous journey to the home of the Supreme priestess. But even if she finds out the truth about the war, she may not survive the trip…

Ancient Enemies is the first book in a series of action-packed, magical fantasy novels. If you like strong female characters, compelling magic systems, and dazzling shifters, then you’ll enjoy Tora Moon’s Malvers War series.

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A fight gone wrong. A tragic mistake. One man’s journey to find redemption…