Scourge Incursion

The Scourge Incursion: The Malvers War Book 3

A people enslaved. A quest undaunted. A war that could end them all…

Kaieli is a prisoner. Captured by an alien species and forced into hard labor, the Posair healer works to keep her fellow captives alive. As the aliens find new and brutal ways to butcher her people, Kaieli seeks a way to bring down their captors from the inside…

Rizelya and Blazel are fighting a war on two fronts. Bolstered by an alliance with the ancient Phengriffs, they’ll need to defeat monsters and invaders alike if the Posairs stand a chance of surviving. Can they rid themselves of the alien menace or will their race be destroyed once and for all?

The Scourge Incursion is the third book in a series of riveting epic fantasy novels. If you like exciting battles, masterful story arcs, and intriguing magic systems, then you’ll love The Malvers War series from Tora Moon.

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