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I fell in love with fantasy and science fiction at a young age. And like most authors, my favorite subject in school was creative writing. I can still remember my first story I wrote in 2nd or 3rd grade, based on a school art project. Making up stories and reading has always been my most cherished activity.

I write genre-bending fantasy and science fiction. I love blending elements from various genres. I believe science and magic are just different ends of the same spectrum and love combining them.

Common elements that show up in all my stories are Goddesses, shapeshifters, and magic. Because love and relationships are part of life and what add zest to it, my stories usually have a romantic sub-plot.

Besides writing stories, I share my business expertise from my previous career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). In my nonfiction series, Indie Author Guides, I share what I’ve learned from helping other businesses and in my own author journey to help other authorpreneurs succeed.

Excellent Writing

There is no putting these books down once you get started. Content, characterization, and plot in every book is excellent, and you can put this on your website, too. I want everyone to know you are an excellent author!  An excellent author like you is a treasure.

F. Fuhrer

It is rare, truly rare, for a brand new story.

This is not a tale of post man as we know it. All you Superman fans, all you Green Lantern readers and all Alien fans, this will appeal to all. Just who will survive in this series, and in what form, is not a certainty. (Ancient Allies)

P. Bruyns

Tora Moon has written a great piece of fantasy here

The author is new to me and this book was a perfect surprise. World building, character development, plot structure, and finely crafted sentences that allow the reader to easily visualize the fictitious world makes this a book a great read. (Ancient Enemies)

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