Tora Moon, Fantasy Author

Ancient Enemies, Book 1

Ancient Enemies is the first novel in an action-packed, epic fantasy series. Your gift for signing up to my mailing list.

Journey into worlds full of magic…
                              where humans aren’t the only intelligent species…
                                                          and the Goddesses and Gods of old come to life.

If you like strong, leading female characters, compelling magical systems, and interesting alternate worlds, then you’ll like Tora Moon’s stories

The Legends of Lairheim

This epic story of good versus evil, the Posairs have been fighting the Malvers’ fearsome monsters for generations and the war finally the conflict comes to a head. Which faction will survive?

This action-packed, epic magical fantasy series is filled with innovative magical systems, unique monsters, handsome shapeshifters, and kick-butt leading women. If you love exciting battle scenes, masterful story arcs, and diverse, well-developed characters, then you’ll love Tora Moon’s Legends of Lairheim series.

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