Amazing speech by Meghan Markle – Empowering Women

I saw this video of Meghan Markle speaking to the UN Women’s council and it blew me away. She beautifully states how we can change the world by standing up for our selves and for equality without “fighting” for it. This is an amazing message about empowering women. If we don’t have a seat at the table, let’s create our own table! Let’s remember how strong and powerful we are in our feminine divinity. To hear what she accomplished as an 11-year old girl gives hope that we CAN change the world, even in the craziness that we see all around us. Women standing and being in our feminine power is a strength this world needs right now.

I’m very inspired by her and her speech. One of the things I try to show in all in my books and stories is strong, vibrant, loving, caring, compassionate, passionate women who are fully in their divine feminine power accomplishing great things, even in small ways.

I hope this speech — and my stories — inspire you to be the best you can be and to remember the divinity that lives within you!

Bright Blessings!!