Exile’s Vengeance

Exile’s Vengeance: Legends of Lairheim Book 4

Exile’s Vengeance: Legends of Lairheim Book 4

An ancient enemy. An unresolved conflict. An evolving world.

It’s time to end this war!

On the heels of the fleeing alien invaders, Rizelya and Blazel discover their ancient enemies, the Malvers, have escaped their island prison and are coming home to avenge their exile on the war-weary Posairs. But the Posairs no longer have anyone with the Black Talent needed to fight the near immortal Malvers. Can Rizelya and Blazel find a way to vanquish their enemies, once and for all?

At last, Malviana and her people are free from the wretched island of their exile! But the world—and the Posairs—isn’t the same as when she’d been banished centuries ago. Faced with new and frightening powers, will Malviana manage to exact her vengeance?

White Priestess Wisah learns she is the key to a powerful weapon, and it’s the only one capable of killing Malviana. But if she unleashes it, it could destroy her world—and her soul. Will she choose to risk her soul or let the Malvers enslave her people?

Exile’s Vengeance is the exciting conclusion to the war between the Posairs and Malvers in the Legends of Lairheim series. If you love innovative magic, strong female leaders, and battles with monsters, you’ll love Tora Moon’s epic fantasy series, the Legends of Lairheim.

Read Exile’s Vengeance to end the war today!

(Note: This series was previously called The Malvers War.)

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Here’s what people are saying about Exile’s Vengeance:

“I started enjoying novels about the fight of good against evil through JRR Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings, then I read the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and have not looked back since as these type of series have become some of my favourite genre of reading and I must say that Tora Moon’s series the Legends of Lairheim rates as one of the best good against evil series which I have ever read. This is the 4th book in the series and it’s the much awaited for ending to the evil which has haunted the Posairs in Lairheim for a thousand years.” L. Turner

“I couldn’t put it down. Great new characters are very well written. The whole book came together perfectly. I highly recommend this book.” R. Bonebrake

“The battle between good and evil…a timeless consistent of history. Exile’s Vengeance by Tora Moon puts this on display. Chock full of action, this book is a great read that you don’t want to miss. Highly recommended.” D. Williamson

“I loved Exile’s Vengeance! Hard to put the book down. Adventure explodes through the entire book as good battles evil. I loved the progression of characters & learning more about kind-hearted Wisah & evil Malviana. I can feel the love between all the characters. I hope Tora Moon writes another book so I can continue to escape and explore the world of Lairheim!” C. Murray

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If you like ferocious shapeshifters, masterful story arcs, and intriguing magic systems, then you’ll love Tora Moon’s Legends of Lairheim series.


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