Fiction Content Warning

I consider the mental health of my readers important. I’m including this list of potential triggers or themes people may not want to read, so you can determine if my books are for you or not.

In general, my books are adult fantasy with adult themes. If they were a TV show, they’d have the rating of MA: Mature Audiences-strong language, violence, and sexual situations.

Beyond this general rating, here are the individual books content warnings.

Legends of Lairheim Series

This is an action-adventure, epic science fantasy set on another planet. The people are homogeneous, so there isn’t a wide variety of races. There are other sentient species besides the humans.

All books in the series include:

  • Violence: There are multiple monster battles, with people (and animals) killed in all the books.
  • Sexuality: The society is polyamorous, with most people pansexual. There are mentions of same-sex and multiple partner relationships.
  • Theocracy: The society is theocratic, following the 4-fold Goddess and Her Consort. The spirituality of the people is woven into the story as it is part of their culture.
Legends of Lairheim Books

Struggle with hearing and seeing things others don’t, which leads the character to question their sanity

Outcast: One of the characters is an outcast due to the circumstances of his birth.

Sex: Slow-burn to med-hot spicy sex scenes, consensual

Slavery and related brutality: An alien race attacks and tries to enslave the people

Vampirism: The alien race feeds on emotions and blood

Sex: Slow-burn to med-hot spicy sex scenes, consensual

War Violence

Sex: Med-hot Spicy sex scenes, consensual

BDSM: one character indulges in BDSM as well as Bestiality

Death Magic


War Violence

Child molestation (one sentence to show the depravity of a character)

Alcoholism: Dealing with grief via drinking

Sex: Med Spicy sex scenes, consensual

Sentinel Witches Series

This is a dark urban fantasy with supernatural thriller vibes. The main premise of the series is an ancient society of witches who fight demons to protect humanity. Various Goddesses manifest to give Catlyn the tools she needs to defeat the Daemons.

All the books in this series include:

  • Occult, Ritual, and Witches: The rituals and spirituality are real, as are the Goddesses. This is a story about witches, which includes their spirituality. Tarot, sound and energy healing, yoga, meditation, full moon rituals, shamanic journeys, etc. are part of this lifestyle.
  • Demons/Daemons and other evil creatures: The demons are from a lower dimension and world, and therefore, have a different morality than humans. These are NOT the demons from Charmed, but creatures who cause violence, mayhem, and death.
  • Strong Language: My characters swear.
  • Violence: The witches fight demons, and the battles are bloody, and death results.
Crossroads to Destiny Cover

Murder: Sean, a main character, is a homicide detective and is chasing the Iron Maiden Serial Killer, who uses medieval torture devices in his ritualistic killings. The crime scenes are gruesome, but the actual killing is never depicted.

Kidnapping: spoiler alert!

Torture: There is one torture scene at the end, however, it doesn’t go into graphic detail.

Rape/Sexual Assault: There is a rape scene, but it isn’t graphic.

Sex: Slow-burn romance (no sex in this book, but plenty of spice in the coming books!)

Child Harm: in one scene, children have been killed (off screen, we only see their bodies covered by a sheet). In another, an infant has been attacked and bitten (again, off-screen and we only see the child bleeding) {Did I not say demons are evil?}