Ancient Enemies

Book 1

Rizelya and the other fighters are finally gaining the upper-hand over the Malvers monsters, when a new monster appears, threatening their delicate balance of survival. Rizelya unearths a terrifying secret: a deadly, ancient enemy is controlling the monsters!

Ancient Allies

Book 2

As the story continues to unfold, Blazel, a lone wolf raised outside the norms of society, returns to his home in the mountains and meets Rizelya. The Gray Oracle has a prophecy that sends them on a quest to find their ancient allies, the mythical Phengriffs. The prophecy forewarns the coming madness can only be stopped by a renewal of this alliance.

The Scourge Incursion

Book 3

Madness strikes in The Scourge Incursion, and the Posairs’ planet is invaded by cruel aliens seeking the nucla power found in the Barrens’ rocks. Can their magic be enough to stop the overwhelming numbers and technology of the invaders?

Exile's Vengenace

Book 4

The story concludes in the exciting climax of the battle between the Posairs and the Malvers. With the help of their Phengriff allies, the Posairs fight to keep their world free of the Malvers’ evil. Can Rizelya and Blazel find a way to vanquish their enemies, once and for all?


Bonus Story

This bonus novel takes place eighteen years before the events in Ancient Enemies. Histrun and Zehala think they’ve finally found a method that will stop the monsters in their nests. But first, Histrun has to deal with an evil tyrant, and in the process, makes a terrible mistake. One he’s unsure if he’ll ever find redemption and forgive himself.

Golden Ambitions


Golden Ambitions is the story of Eiden, a young woman with Yellow Air Talent. She wants to join the fighting packs, but traditionally only women with Fire magic are allowed. Rizelya must make the choice to destroy Eiden’s ambition or help her. If she helps, she could lose her own position in the fighting-packs.

Legends of Lairheim

I’m calling my first series, Legends of Lairheim, an epic science fantasy. Why yes, my secondary world epic fantasy with witches, shapechangers, monsters, and magical creatures also includes an alien invasion.

Follow the adventures of Rizelya, Blazel, and their friends as they are faced with dangerous new monsters, hidden enemies, and aliens. To survive, they must rekindle an ancient alliance as well as make new friends. The survival of their people depends on them finding the confidence within to be leaders.

This action-packed, epic magical fantasy series is filled with innovative magical systems, unique monsters, handsome shapeshifters, and kick-butt leading women. If you love exciting battle scenes, masterful story arcs, and diverse, well-developed characters, then you’ll love the Legends of Lairheim series.

This series is complete and includes a bonus novel, Redemption, and a bonus short story, Golden Ambitions

What People Are Saying About the Series

This is a series all fans of great epic sagas of good against evil should rush out and buy, guaranteed you won’t be disappointed, the battle scenes are breath taking and the love and romance in the book give it that soft necessary touch to bring balance and a breath of fresh air so necessary in life. Well done Tora Moon for such a great series.

L. Turner

It is rare, truly rare, for a brand new story. This is not a tale of post man as we know it. All you Superman fans, all you Green Lantern readers and all Alien fans, this will appeal to all. Just who will survive in this series, and in what form, is not a certainty.

P. Bruyns

Sentinel Witches

Coming Soon!

The series I’m currently writing, Sentinel Witches, is an urban-portal-myth retelling fantasy about witches fighting demons. Each book features a different Goddess that helps the main characters defeat the daemon that’s crossed the portal and is threatening the Earth.

 Each story loosely follows a myth or other aspects about the Goddess who helps them. In book 1, Crossroads to Destiny, the Goddess is Hecate, known for guiding people in choosing the right pathway for their lives. Book 2, Descent into Darkness, is inspired by Inanna’s descent into the Underworld.

 If you love Dresden Files, Charmed, and Supernatural, you’ll love this edgy, dark urban portal fantasy of an ancient society of witches fighting demons to protect the world.

Content Warning

I consider the mental health of my readers important.

In general, my books are adult fantasy with adult themes. If they were a TV show, they’d have the rating of MA: Mature Audiences-strong language, violence, and sexual situations.

Beyond this general rating, you may find a more detailed listing of potential triggers or themes, so you can determine if my books are for you or not. Read Details