Why should I buy from you?

There are several advantages you receive from buying from me:

  1. I sell all my new books on my website FIRST. This means you can purchase and enjoy my books before anyone else!
  2. Since there isn’t a middleman, I can sell the books at a discount from the retailers. I also run sales and offer coupons to my readers.
  3. I offer bundles and box sets that aren’t available anywhere else.
  4. You own the file. It isn’t perched on some retailer’s cloud, where they can block you from accessing it.
  5. I will never bombard you with ads for other products! I’ll let you know about new books or other books I’ve written.
  6. I use Bookfunnel to distribute the ebook and audiobook. They set up a Personal Library for you of all the books you’ve purchased from me—or other authors—via Bookfunnel. You can access these at any time, making you independent of any particular bookstore.
  7. You can load your ebook on nearly ANY device you have. You aren’t limited to any one retailer’s device or way to read.
How do I access my ebooks and audiobooks?

I use BOOKFUNNEL to deliver my electronic books. You will receive an email from them (please check your spam or promotions tab) with a link to a download page. From there, you can download your copy to almost any device.

If you have problems, just click the “Need Help” at the top of the download page. A friendly techie will assist you in loading your book to your device, even old devices! It’s all they do. I don’t know how, which is why I use them!

Bookfunnel sets up a personal library for you. Go to my.bookfunnel.com and login to access ANY of your books purchased or downloaded via Bookfunnel (mine or another author’s).

What devices can I read my ebook on?

When you buy directly from me, you can read your book on just about any device, anywhere. You aren’t limited to one retailer’s device. Available devices include:





Android Phones

Windows Phones

Apple devices

Apple Books



Desktop computers



Android Tablets


All eReading software platforms

….and more.