Golden Ambitions

Is being a rebel is worth the trouble?

An ambition that goes against tradition…

When Rizelya catches young Eiden following the fighting-pack, she sends her back home. After all, what can someone with air magic do in a fight against the monsters? Tradition holds that only the women with Fire magic, and the men with shapeshifting magic, can battle the monsters.

But Eiden won’t give up her dream of adding her Air Talent to those protecting their people. Rizelya discovers Eiden trying to learn how to fight in secret. She reminds Rizelya of herself at that age, when no one believed in her.

She must make the difficult choice to destroy Eiden’s ambition or help her. The catch, in helping her, Rizelya could lose her own position in the fighting-packs.

Get this short story set in the world of Legends of Lairheim, an epic science-fantasy series. If you love adventure, overcoming odds, and magic, you’ll love this story!


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