Understand Yourself and How You’re Designed


I’ve studied Human Design for the past few years. This system teaches you about how you access and use energy, the best way to make decisions, and it can lead to knowing your life purpose. It helps us know and understand ourselves better, and how we can live our most aligned lives.

Knowing what your Human Design Type and Authority can help you in your writing. Are you someone who can do long writing stretches, or are you better designed to do short sprints? Your Human Design Type can give you clues of which is better for you and your access to energy. It shows you your best strategy for deciding what project to work on, if the direction for your story is correct, and so much more! When Human Design is combined with Clifton Strengths, we can even better write in a way that is right for us and manage our productivity and expectations.


One of the things I’ve started using Human Design for is in my character development. It can help us to know and understand our characters. It shows us places they are weak and where they’re strong. Human Design can guide us in where characters may have inner conflict or conflict with another character. For romances, this is great to know where sparks can fly or emotions smolder. This can deepen our stories and make them more rich and realistic.

Find out more about yourself with a Human Design reading.


I’ll look at your chart and

  • Give you direction on how you best make decisions
  • Share how you can write more effectively and productively based on your design
  • Guide you on how you process information and deal with life
  • Inspire you with where you’re designed to shine
  • Point out where you might be lurking in the shadows

For your characters, a Human Design reading can guide you on their strengths, how they deal with problems and life, and places they may struggle.

Human Design charts are calculated based on your birth day and time and where you were born. For your characters, if you don’t know this information, this is a good place to start getting to know them better. If you write fantasy, like I do, where the story is set on someplace other than Earth, we can figure a way to find a comparable day, time, and place.


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