Legends of Lairheim

Epic Science Fantasy Series

This action-packed, epic science fantasy series is filled with innovative magical systems, unique monsters, handsome shapeshifters, and kick-butt leading women. Why yes, my secondary world epic fantasy with witches, shapechangers, monsters, and magical creatures also includes an alien invasion.

If you love exciting battle scenes, masterful story arcs, and diverse, well-developed characters, then you’ll love Tora Moon’s Legends of Lairheim series.

This series is complete.

Ancient Enemies

Book 1

A hidden enemy emerges…

Bringing a deadly new threat.

Ancient Allies

Book 2

A dark prophecy promises madness..

Survival hangs in the balance.

Scourge Incursion

Book 3

Aliens threaten their world…

Freedom becomes a precarious dream.

Exile’s Vengeance

Book 4

Evil has awakened…

Vengeance is in their hearts.


Bonus Novel

The Legends begin…

An evil tyrant must be stopped.