Sean McLarkin character


Sean’s knuckles whitened from his tight grip on the steering wheel. The only reason the captain would call him to investigate a murder on his day off was if it was another Iron Maiden killing.

“Do you think the victim is our missing person?” Jerry asked from the passenger seat.

Sean shrugged. “I hope not, but it’s probable. Drogger disappeared the same night Lisa did.”

Jerry gaped at him. “You haven’t been following Michael Drogger again, have you? The chief warned you to stay away from him after the last murder. Do you want a restraining order placed against you?”

“He’s our prime suspect,” Sean grumbled as he switched lanes to move around a car poking along in the fast lane. “I’m going to do my job regardless of what Thomas Drogger says or how rich he is. Money shouldn’t determine how we do our jobs.”

“If you piss off the Drogger family, they have the power to get you fired.” Jerry glanced over and grinned. “I’ve finally trained you to be a good partner. I don’t want to deal with another newbie.”

They rode in silence. Sean hoped and prayed the victim wouldn’t turn out to be Catlyn’s friend Lisa. If this murder was the work of the Iron Maiden killer, it didn’t bode well. The only other time there had been more than one killing in a month had been the initial killing spree. Then, they’d discovered three victims.

Guilt and regret filled him as images from the first gruesome crime scenes assailed him. After nearly three years, Sean wasn’t any closer to catching the killer. He was sure Michael was behind it, but he simply hadn’t found the evidence to prove it.

Sean’s chest tightened. Heat washed his face. Michael had been paying far too much attention to Catlyn lately. He cringed at the thought of one day finding her mutilated body.

Sean turned into the parking lot of the dilapidated warehouse. The rundown industrial area, far from residences, seemed a perfect place to torture someone for days without anyone noticing.

Brian met Sean and Jerry at the warehouse door, plastic booties and face masks in hand. “I don’t know how it could get any worse, but it is. You haven’t eaten recently, have you?”

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