Author Cross Promos

I participate in various multi-author promotions. Some are for books on sale and others are free with signing up to the author’s newsletter (which if it isn’t for you, you can unsubscribe). Each promotion has a theme and most include different books and authors.

I love sharing and being part of these promotions! They help me share great books and authors. I’ve found some of my favorite authors and books through these promotions. To discover your next great read, bookmark this page and check back often! I update it regularly to reflect the promotions I’m participating in. Tell your friends and help them find great books and new-to-them authors.


Indie Books for the IFA Summer Reading Challenge on Sale!

PROMO DATES: June 4 – June 30, 2022

Stories Featuring the Supernatural

PROMO DATES: June 15 – July 14, 2022

Books featuring Hard Magic systems – the magic has rules!

PROMO DATES: June 17 – July 16, 2022

Books featuring Monsters, Magic, Quests, and More!

PROMO DATES: June 20 – July 20, 2022


Most require signing up to their newsletter to receive the book

Stories Featuring Strong Heroines

PROMO DATES: June 15 – July 15, 2022

Stories that expand your imagination

PROMO DATES: June 18 – July 18, 2022

Fantasy and Science Fiction Books and Stories

PROMO DATES: June 22 – July 22, 2022