Tora’s Book Nook Review: Teeth of the Gods by Sarah K.L. Wilson

I loved this book! I generally don’t like YA fantasy, but the characters in this book aren’t teenagers. This is a coming of age story set on another planet, Everturn. Tylira Nyota can’t access her magic even after years of seclusion and training, which makes her useless in the eyes of her people. In addition, she’s headstrong, individualist, and wants to live her life on her own terms. But as the youngest daughter of the High Tazmin, she doesn’t have that luxury. In an effort to maintain her freedom, she joins the legendary race for the fabled Teeth of the Gods. In the process, she finds a way to access her terrible and deadly magic.
I liked the progression of Tylira’s coming of age as she moves from being a spoiled princess to discovering her inner power and strength. She must find inner endurance and courage to survive the cruelty of her step-mother. She learns her choices have consequences. I loved the ending what the Teeth of the Gods turns out to be, giving a nice spin on the story. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next book and if Tylira and Rusk can find a way to save their world.

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